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21-JULY-2022 | 06 : 30 PM | Antalya Culture & Art Centre

Be Ready To Transform To Shift Into A Higher Gear This Year 

Steven Dossou & Antalya Beach Speakers Reveal How They Bounced Back Post Covid19 To live & Achieve Free of Fear, Self-doubt and Low Self-esteem and How You Can Too!  


Over 15.000 pioneers of civilization and many world influencers from thousands of years ago to today have found that there are seven critical areas in which their mastery with a total commitment to transformation and ‘’success’’ gives fulfillment to any human being. Purpose, Health, Spirituality, Career, Time, Relationships, Finance.

Everyone wants to live a fulfilled life but only a few have truly mastered such art. Unlike the car we acquire or the piece of technology we get excited about; life, unfortunately, doesn't come with any manual for achieving great success and fulfillment. After a great storm comes beautiful weather, but often cleanup must occur.. After Covid-19, we now have to re-learn to work, live, love, or perhaps try to continue where we left off. The truth: life is never going to be the same.

"Be Transformed by the renewing of your mind"

Transformation is the change of one’s outer form from which it was to another which is the result of an inner change.

What area of your life have you been trying to improve on? What mountain in your life have you been trying to conquer and you do not have the strength or knowledge enough to do so?

Antalya Beach Speakers presents "Be Transformed: Live Life Free of Fear, Self-Doubt and Low Self-Esteem", a transformational speaking event to inspire and empower your inner mind and equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to conquer the mountains in any of the seven most predominant areas of life, in order for you to shape and transform yourself in whatever way you desire.

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More About The Event

This is a 3-4 hours show with a line up of powerful speakers and entertainers is crafted for attendees to learn cutting-edge tools and tips to break through fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem in key areas of their lives such as Happiness, Business, Discipline, self-growth etc....Join us if you are :

✅from any backgrounds, Professionals, entrepreneurs, students…

✅want to be more motivated to manifest and achieve your goals

✅want to conquer your fears and gain greater confidence

✅just want to have fun

✅seek genuine happiness

✅want to build deep personal and professional connections

Ignite Your Passion

Whether you have a thing for business or just art, join those who truly live their passion.

Find Your Tribe

Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you will become. Join those who sail ahead.

Live Your Purpose

The greatest tragedy of life is not death but to live a life without purpose. What is your purpose.

Be Transformed

You don't have to be great to get started but you have to get started in order to be great.. Join Today! 



  • There are and has been many events in Antalya but not this type of event. So we decided it's about time Antalya witnesses the best.


  • This event will present to you speakers and artists performances, some of the best Antalya had ever known.


  • Through the many daily challenges of life, the vision can get blurry at times but the vision is much needed to make a move forward.


  • Somewhere deep in you is that voice that thrives on keeping you down, you deserve to loose those chains today. Right now!


  • Events of this high standards are usually charged at hundreds of dollars. You are getting it at the tenth.


  • Do you or have you ever heard of that voice deep down that tells you that you could be a little more than you are right now? Then join the event to get loose.



The Keynote TEDx Speaker...

Steven Dossou

Featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Steven is an Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Author, co-founder of Leadership University, Owner of Sail Force Catalyst a platform dedicated to supporting Aspiring, New and existing Coaches & Speakers.

Steven has impacted thousands of lives on a global scale, Nicknamed "Action Man", he is viewed by his peers as a charismatic visionary who undoubtedly believes in unleashing the human potential by inspiring people to break their boundaries and redefine their limits. As a living testimony, Steven has followed his dreams and recreated a new path by elevating himself from humble beginnings in his country of origin (Togo-West Africa) to leadership and impactful roles on a global platform.

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Janrace Prudent

Janrace Prudent is an artist, yogi, visionary and so much more. Her colorful world is overflowing with creativity, happiness and joy! Originally from the United States, Janrace's entrepreneurial spirit and love affair for happiness & art has led her and her husband, Jim, to start the Art Unknown Store.

This dazzling duo is on a mission to deliver happiness by supporting fellow artists in expanding their reach across the globe. From her own self discovery, yoga and meditation, Janrace has found that true happiness lies in the present moment. By practicing happiness hacks daily, Janrace has learned to cultivate her own happiness. She loves delivering happiness and taking beautiful people on a colorful journey to that blissful spirit within themselves. The place where happiness lies.

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Jim Wills

Jim Wills is an expert in cultivating happiness. His past history is one ridden with success and failure. Yet through all the ups and downs he learned that the number one key to having success in all areas of life is to cultivate happiness.

Now. In the present moment. He has had incredible success in the arts, but even larger failures. Jim has been crafted through all his experiences great and small. He lives today to share the world of financial freedom and joy.

He continues to strive to live without stress, and to cultivate happiness at every turn. His passions have led him to Antalya, Turkey where he has learned much from an incredible group of international people. He hopes to be able to share a few happiness hacks with others so that we may all continue to grow in peace and love throughout the world.

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Alex Van Den Elsen

As a business coach Alex van den Elsen inspires ambitious entrepreneurs to become truly successful.

His journey from journalist turned hospitality manager turned online entrepreneur is a true example of transformation. Currently Alex is creating an international business network through his latest project: Coworking Antalya.

In his presentation he'll show you the exact steps to be tranfsformed to anything you want.

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Sara Svenby

Sara Svenby is originally from the United States. She is a proud wife to her photographer husband and a proud mom to four incredible sons, whom she has homeschooled for most of their lives.

She holds her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has years of experience in lay counseling and life coaching. She has held project leadership roles and has been involved in a handful of international projects, making positive humanitarian and educational impact in such areas.

She has a passion for teaching and a heart to see people realize freedom and truth in their lives personally and relationally. She believes in the beauty of the written and spoken word and believes one’s narrative has the power to transform one’s reality.

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Elif Yilmaz

Elif is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner/coach, creative drama leader, Master Controller, business woman and an animal lover. Founder of the moselique method.

She emerges from a family with a sense of community and an entrepreneurial culture. She finds her drive from the burning desire to build businesses that would reflect her moral ties to community building and people’s empowerment.

Elif has conducted numerous workshops across Europe, Middle East and the Mediterranean where she uses her deep knowledge in NLP and human sciences to make people believe in themselves, rediscover their reasons for living and be able to strive for a happy and fulfilled life.

At her core, she’s a children lover and aims to build facilitation centers across Europe and Mediterranean which will support children from mixed cultures to easily reconnect with their identities and find their path in life.

Save Your Seat Now For Just 99TL
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  • BONUS 1 : Instant Access To In-depth Sixty Minutes Keynote on how to discover and unleash your potential 

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  • In this full 60 min full blast talk, you get to muster what is human potential made of, why is it essential for you to access it, release it and maximize it. You will also learn about the silent enemies which have been preventing you from unleashing your potential.

  • BONUS 2 : The hidden technics to find your voice, craft your story and become a never seen before orator.

    [$297 Value]

  • In this eBook written straight to the point, Steven reveals all the public speaking secrets he has accumulated over a decade. These secrets will enable you to craft and deliver speeches which leave crowds moved and fully inspired.

  • BONUS 3 : The 7 untold mistakes to avoid when building your coaching/ speaking business.

    [$297 Value]

  • This is a winning pocket eBook for those who desire to build their coaching business from a position of strength by mustering the fundamentals of the coaching profession and the business side of it that nobody tells you about.

  • BONUS 4 : Full 30 minutes one on one strategic breakthrough session with Steven Dossou.

    [$297 Value]

  • Get to ask any question you desire in this one on one session and get a lifetime breakthrough which will take your professional esteem to the next level. This is a session you will never forget  as it exclusively aims at liberating you from all your disempowering beliefs.

  • BONUS 5 : 60 days authoritative access to the replay of the webinar

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