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1st Guest : Stephanie Woollard

Founder of Sevenwomen.com

Stephanie Woollard began Seven Women at age 22 after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. These seven women were struggling to make a living in the face of harsh discrimination. 15 years on and over 6000 women have been educated, trained and employed by Seven Women. Stephanie has been internationally recognised with numerous global awards including the UN Rotary International Responsible Business Award and the Order of Australia. "Stephanie will share on the topic of "Making real and lasting change, is about drawing out the full potential in others; starting with oneself."

2nd Guest : Robert Ian Bonnick


Robert Ian Bonnick is no stranger to re-framing his life and finding powerful ways to change the narrative to empower himself and those around him. He has lived life to full after being brought up in two children's homes, played basketball for his country, organised countless events and experiences all over the world, worked with Madonna and supermodels, author of SOUL SURVIVOR - How An Abandoned Child Went From Nothing To Everything touted to be a bestselling book and partner in a business voted number 3 in the world and now a Father of two kids.

Our 3rd GUEST, Jaymin J. Patel

Jaymin J. Patel is a speaker, coach, and author of 8 books who has shared his message with thousands around the world.  He has spoken at a variety of global corporations including Morgan Stanley, NBC, Barclay's, BP and New York Life, as well as prestigious schools including Harvard, Stanford, and The London School of Economics.Jaymin is a TEDx speaker, and has made over a million dollars in speaking fees alone.  He trains new speakers who want to amplify their voice and make a living while sharing their wisdom with the world. Jaymin has spent the past 5 years deeply embedded in personal transformation, working with some of the most influential teachers around the world and coaching others to achieve their highest potential.  Jaymin has started 4 companies in 4 different countries and is a Bollywood dancer & choreographer.

Our 4th GUEST, Rodolfo Young

Founder of BrillianceEDU and Corporate Heart Talks,He is a sought out speaker and author in the fields of Personal Development, Relationship and Happiness. His vision is to inspire, awaken, and help people express their irresistible authenticity  and see the brilliance beyond their stories. He has authored several books about life, love, living from the heart, and self-discovery, and is featured alongside people like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Eckhart Tolle, Lisa Nichols, Wayne Dyer, and Robin

Our 5th GUEST, Susan Morrice

Grounded by her love of nature and community, Denver based Susan Morrice lives to create positive change in our World. As an experienced geologist, explorer, entrepreneur and dealmaker, Susan is renowned for her down to earth approach to all aspects of business. She has a passion for the protection of the environment and a vision of uncovering the true potential of everyone with whom she meets. It is the Educo Business Model at the core of her Companies that has attracted the leaders of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to partner with the Country of Belize in an unprecedented global partnership throughout the entire region. Susan Morrice is Founder and Chairperson of Belize Natural Energy (BNE), International Natural Energy (INE), CHX LLC and original investor/partner in XJet – the No. 1 Private Aviation Company in the World

OUR 6th  GUEST, Dedy Tien

Founder of dedytien.com, he has written numerous books on the topic of entrepreneurship, Inspiration and how to reclaim your power despite coming from a background of not being able to write, read or speak a word in English. His educational platform dedytien.com aims to empower individuals.His message to humanity is that they can be, they can do, and they can have anything their heart desires, despite their background, color or educational attainment.

OUR 7th  GUEST, Jamin Heppell

Before Mountains and Marathons Jamin was the director of three leadership organisations centred around resilience, emotional intelligence and empowering peoples potential. He has had the privilege of working with over 15,000 people from diverse communities across Australia and North America. Having bounced back from burnout, depression and seven major surgeries, Jamin knows what it's like to struggle and what it takes to transform. He is committed to peak health and performance and supporting others to do the same

OUR 8th GUEST, Justin Douglas

Justin has found his life calling: he loves helping people bring transformational change into their lives, be that learning new skills and refining innate abilities, boosting confidence, and/or focusing on their strengths. Justin studied and trained to become a Certified Strengths Coach with Gallup in 2015/16, and since then has gone on to receive wonderful feedback for his caring and focused approach to coaching. In addition, Justin continues to deliver large scale training and development events to critical acclaim for a wide range of clients internationally, from giants like IBM, to the creative arts at English National Opera. Justin draws upon his experience as a Chartered Accountant and almost 15 years’ at PwC Consulting and IBM Global Business Services delivering consulting projects for major clients across the UK and overseas. One thing stood out above the technical and process changes of the projects... the people. The ability of people to navigate change, to deliver a great experience to their customers, was of paramount importance to him and this is echoed in all that he does with his clients to this day.

OUR 9th GUEST, Diyar Kashlook

With a Masters of Science in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business Schoo, She has a great passion for financial freedom and has studied the subject for many years. She has held many talks and coaching sessions and gives consultancy services on how to live your true purpose. Diyar is a social entrepreneur and master coach. She has started a company that helps companies and individuals craft the identity that inspires themselves, their employees, and the world. She is highly passionate about what she does, and she aspires to change the world, one company, one vision at the time.

OUR 10th GUEST, Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel is a digital thought leader and lifestyle mentor empowering people to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement and community. Dai models his work on the basis of 5 pillars (4 actually, plus a roof): Fitness, Family, Finances, and Faith with an overarching roof of ‘FUN’ built on a rock-solid foundation of health. Dai is also a dad, dating his wife, a founding partner and former COO of Fitness Town Inc, keynote speaker, award-winning blogger, Podcaster, CrossFit athlete, co-founder of the #YVRDads support group for fathers, a BC Children’s Hospital Grind For Kids Ambassador, and published author of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto.

OUR 11th GUEST, Fabienne Raphael


Fabienne Raphaël is the creator of the DREAM Method. With her one on one coaching and the Coaching Empire Elite Mastermind, she helps high achievers monetize their knowledge, replace their income, fire their job and become their own boss so they can live their purpose and change lives by building their coaching business. ​ Her background in radio and television hosting led her to broadcast a top ranked podcast « Marketing to Crush your Competitors », and to co-create a TV show. ​ Fabienne has also shared the stage with John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan and Sue Zimmerman, and spoke at the last New Media Europe conference in London. She has been featured in Forbes, ABC, FOX, CBS, Inc. and Huffington Post and has appeared on over 40 podcasts/summits/mastermind groups, such as Entrepreneur on Fire. ​ As a former elite athlete and physical therapist, Fabienne brings a high level of energy, radiance, empathy and authenticity to lead her clients to a thriving business that meets their expectation. She was also an athletes' mentor with the Canadian delegation at the 2019 Pan-American Games in Lima, Peru. Fabienne strongly believes that everyone has the power to take control of their own destiny and is dedicated in changing the wealth code for future generations.

Our 12th Guest Couple Jim Wills & Janrace Prudent 

After a successful career as a journalist and an award winning fashion & advertising photographer, Jim Wills transitioned to publishing and for 5 years produced CRAVE Magazine, a publication featuring American arts. The magazine grew into the Art Unknown Podcast and now Jim interviews artists around the globe about their trials, tribulations and successes in the art world. His podcast is a deep dive into the minds of what makes great artists tick and why we should all feed our souls with art. Janrace Prudent is an incredible artist herself. Her work has been featured in over two dozen art shows across Colorado and the United States. Her art is the perfect blend between contemporary and abstract as she works with fluid acrylics, resins, textures and vivid colors.

For Janrace, art is life and her art represents a personal connection to the higher spirit. She infuses every piece with femininity, love and positive vibes. She is an artist. A yogi. A visionary. Together Janrace and Jim recently launched the Art Unknown Store, an online retail shop where they work in collaboration with a curated selection of worldwide artists to create wearable art. Being Earth-friendly they make sure their products focus on sustainability, using non-toxic, plant-based inks and state-of-the-art production processes which use minimal water and create less textile waste. And, because they are both passionate about the arts, a percentage of every purchase is shared with the artists.


Our 13th Guest, Leadership Coach Rasi Bamigbade 

Rasie’s leadership journey started when she was in different sport teams and at her part-time job. It is something she has always enjoyed and most times, others looked at her to lead. Leading teams while she was employed at McDonald's, Starbucks and more, her leadership role was challenged frequently, and this kept her moving and impacting lives for the better. Her passion for people development and to be the best she can be will always be the driving force that pushed her towards achieving her goals. In her leadership journey, she had the opportunity to experience the following and more in the Operations Manager role: - Reopen a McDonald's location - Opened two Starbucks locations - Reopened two Starbucks locations after the Fort McMurray Fires - Hiring, training front of house staff for the Canucks Bar and Grill Opening. - Received the Spirit of Starbucks Award. - Lead teams from 20-80 people depending on the location. - Built strong relationships with peers, employees, and customers.

She was married to Yusuff Bamigbade (RIP). Her late husband was her best friend and greatest ally. He always cheered her on to reach every single goal she aimed for. He was very patient and supportive of her early mornings and late nights of studying and working to reach her goals. He is deeply missed. Rasie started her own coaching business, and she is enjoying every moment and is more than grateful for the challenges. You can say that she is very grounded, ambitious, and driven. When she believes that she can, she sure will. She is a leadership coach; coaching leaders to lead their lives and teams more effectively. Most clients she works with want to reach their goals sooner and enjoy the process with her expertise, experience, and coaching style. Rasie believes that everything happens for us and we have the power to make a choice. She chooses to help others along her journey in life.

Our 14th Guest, Founder of Live Sotorri Junior Anthony 

All you need is a dollar and a dream, and you can change your life.

These are words that Junior Anthony, founder and CEO of LiveSotori, always held close to his heart. After years of hardship, Anthony found himself with nothing more in his pocket than a single dollar and no less in his heart than a dream. “I’m just a regular kid from Brooklyn,” he says. “I never grew up with anything crazy, but New York is a beast that I had to conquer. And if I didn’t conquer it, I’d be running from my problems for the rest of my life.”

Now, Anthony is dedicated to helping his students break free from the nine-to-five grind. He lays out the systems and processes of the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’’ giving students everything they need to build successful online businesses. Although, before Anthony built a thriving LiveSotori family, he first had to conquer his own demons. www.ignitethetransformation.com/freeaccess

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